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est. 1985 La Nouvelle-Orléans

Born in New Orleans, Josh Farria was displaced in 2005 by Hurricane Katrina and relocated to California. It was in San Francisco 2010, that Farria was first introduced to the underground art scene. Inspired to pick up a camera and capture this unbridled culture, he began exploring his own creative power.

Shifting in and out, from photographing musicians and artists like Mara Hruby, Charmaine Olivia and fellow Them Hellas member Duckwrth to painterly portraits of models, Farria is as influenced by the vibrant textures and colors of Monet as the celebrity portraits of David Bailey. Stylistically, he is experimental with techniques, creating captivating paintings within each frame.

Farria's work is unified by themes of female sexuality, expressed and observed, constructed and natural. Farria's tone is reminiscent of the photos of Henrik Purierrene; however, instead of a parade of the homogeneous and entitled, we see a wide range of beauties, personalities, class and ethnicity. Josh taps into the intimate and innocent without exploiting it. Themes of self empowerment, self expression, and storytelling interlace the "fashion" photography with an eclectic array of young beauty and personal style. Reminiscent of Rudi Gernreich and mod icon and artist Peggy Moffet, we can see relationships with muses/models like Erin Coleman develop over time. It's this actual and perceived intimacy that gives Farria's photos their allure and his unique perspective that gives them depth.


 Farria is located in San Francisco and is available for assignments.